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Islanders Don't Pay in Cash, They Pay in Jerseys

Cari. 19 year old sophomore in college, majoring in Communications. Sister for the lovely Delta Delta Delta <3

Things you'll see posted here: New York Islanders, hockey stuff, New York Mets, New York Giants, Glee, Demi Lovato, Bridgit Mendler, Big Time Rush, One Direction, ballet, Once Upon a Time, Dance Moms, Disney, Pokemon, and anything else I feel like posting really.

I'm a sports freak (predominantly in hockey.) My teams are the Islanders, Oilers, Mets, and Giants. For hockey I also drabble in the Canucks with a soft spot for the Kings and Lightning. I have a forbidden love with Claude Giroux.

My icon is of Queen Demi Lovato holding an Islanders jersey. It was discovered on June 25th, 2013 and is more than likely the greatest photo ever posted on the internet itself.

I am a dancer trained in tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern, a writer, major sports enthusiast, and a little boy crazy.
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